Free-form poem: katalin pusztaszeri

Free-form poem: katalin pusztaszeri

ODE for summer

April, end of the winter HYPOTHERMIA. 

 I am going to forget soon the unbearable squeeze of puffa' jackets, plastic foils and eiderdowns I was being wrapped up for months. In winter… I could feel frozen to death in a split of a second or being switch into calorie-burning mode for next moment, under the suffocating pressure of layers I usually put around myself. Always in TRANSITION, staying out then in...running hot, sweltering between streets and inside of buildings. Unnecessary troubles everyday life, far cry from the ideal tolerance level that a neurotic brain can handle.

On my body I felt latitude circles, split my shape into different hemispheres. My feet located in the North Pole, cold like waters in SIBERIA, my legs rigid like basalt tuffs on Iceland... A tight abdomen-wall was holding the rest of my torso, around the hips I felt the Equator...burning sensations around my ribs, creepers of AMAZONAS. My chest hit by permanent heatwaves, my heart like Sahara desert...dried, overexerted, bloodless.

GLOBAL WARMING in winter! My Earth-bound existence has doomed forever.

 My head has always been in diverse dimensions...far under the tropic of Capricorn wind-blown, covered by snowballs...avalanches...

 Avalanches of REAL LIFE...stories, dramas, unhappy-endings. I got my share from tragedies this year. Fire, death and divorce...around me everywhere, leaving me sleepless on cold winter nights. 

 I could not stop HYPERSENSITIVITY genetic or just a gift of life?

 Consuming these stories...

 Chew-digest-chew-digest chew-digest even if...the bite is raw and gristly...

 I need an LSD trip or a SUMMER BOOM right now that take me out of the DARKROOM.

Could I go blind from sudden light? Am I able to reach the golden path? Become a shiny little piece from the whole entire...

Imagine a spinning radiating FIRE BALL approaching slowly to my body...transferring heat energy in large concentric circles...I can easily step in the circles and let the white light deluging, engulfing me completely...

 I see the SUN'S shining CORONA emitting balmy rays towards my body parts...dissolving the winter ataxia from my joints, forming a warm tingly halo all around my figure...a timeless existence in its vibrant magnetic field.

 I feel unearthly calmness in my mind, a SILENT STILLNESS ON THE HORIZON...ready for the arrival of a healing and infinite summer. My crossover SENSES are still working…


about the photographer and writer: katalin pusztaszeri


Katalin Pusztaszeri is an art professional and photographer living in Budapest, Hungary. She started taking photographs in 2013, as a part of her recovery from a spinal cord surgery. In the beginning, she used photography as neuro-feedback to alter her attention from pain and anxiety. She realized that by means of creation, she has been able to release all of the suppressed and latent feelings she felt were clogged in her body throughout the years. At this point, creating pictures has become an urgent and utmost need to convey her thoughts and ideas toward the outside world.

Instagram: katalinpusztaszeri

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