Poem: mireya gutierrez

Poem: mireya gutierrez

i’m here

being without you 
felt like i was a puppy
and i lost my owner 

it felt as if i had nowhere to go
i roamed the streets 
thinking of you
your arms around me 
marking what was yours

but you do not own me 

i am badass 
done with all of your crass 
your sass
love that doesn’t last 



with you i was in a bubble 
away from everyone 
then alienated 
away from everyone who had been created 

you waited and waited 
until i was at my weakest 
strung so tight i was about to break anyways 
but then you took your sharp words 
and cut the string

now I’m renewed 
what do they say?
better than ever 
talk to you again? 

through all of this 
i’ve learned 
i’m completed with me 
just me 
you might have left 
carved out a cave in my heart 
but i filled that hole 
without you

this is me now 
i dare you
i dare you
to stare at me 
when i enter a room 
and see
that a new me 
is here.

Essay: marie kusters-mccarthy

Essay: marie kusters-mccarthy