Free-form poem: katalin pusztaszeri

Free-form poem: katalin pusztaszeri


As a child I was sitting at the bottom of the pool many times, during minutes...under the robust cellophane walls of cold water ...without taking a breath

The way back home I crossed the rail bridge between two lightnings...through drenching rains and hurricanes...dark whirling clouds above my head

SICK...I was sleeping in deep artificial coma half a day on a hopeless surgical body was all open, spinal cord hanging out from its sleath

I went for a ride at dawn with two total strangers, unconsciously drunk, out of myself...crying out loud for unfulfilled love, my real attractions suppressed

I was spending hours locked in a 1x1 sqm toilet cabin without air and any helping hand, a rusty trash bin was my company the only option for escape...I had left

I used to hang around dark Brooklyn (alone in Bed-Stuy) where rape and gun shot used to be average, I was spat in the eye by a psychopath homie...I must have been staring at him I guess

I was sharing an apt with a suicidal junkie... that happened in NYC as well...she watched crime stories all night and wanted to kill repeatedly herself...with gas or high dose...whatever, I was scared

That is how I remember the WILD SIDE...but it was well enough I said.

I used to be a PRAYING MANTIS (with glassy eyes, spiky arms and legs) everybody else in this planet!...who carelessly would leave its victims bleeding on the ground mauled...beheaded.

But TODAY...

I call a SILENT BLOWZY DARK MOTH, MYSELF startled by life, deterred by humans...REMAINED IN THE CLOSET...afraid of showing up in public, just hiding back.


about the photographer and writer: katalin pusztaszeri


Katalin Pusztaszeri is an art professional and photographer living in Budapest, Hungary. She started taking photographs in 2013, as a part of her recovery from a spinal cord surgery. In the beginning, she used photography as neuro-feedback to alter her attention from pain and anxiety. She realized that by means of creation, she has been able to release all of the suppressed and latent feelings she felt were clogged in her body throughout the years. At this point, creating pictures has become an urgent and utmost need to convey her thoughts and ideas toward the outside world.

Instagram: katalinpusztaszeri

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