Poem: shannon felt

Poem: shannon felt


When she turned from the lover at her side  

and sighing, reached gracefully at last

for the late fat fruit dangling low in the evening-

was the moon there? Did it watch the way

her limbs fit straight and strong into the round

night, the way she wore it like a cloak, that night,


until it wrapped and kissed her? Did the night

pull her there or did she race through it, foresight

be damned, hysterical, flinging apples to the ground?

In such a state, doubtless she’d have lasted

long. Though maybe we were all animals then, the way

we snarled and sighed. Wild and naïve


beasts braying at our destinies caught in the leaves.

No moon then, when she plucked a pearl out of the night-

in the dark just a darker drop in shadow. The way

a womb swallows a seed, a sprite of life inside

a solid, swirling sea. Darkness, alas,

merely space that waits.  Space that fits around


each of us, breathing possibility. All around

her the waiting, heaving world. What reprieve?

She could not last, lying there- knew she could not last

one long, thin second longer, faithful to the knight

for whom the sun said she was maid. Besides,

that hunger. Her life suddenly ripe in the way


of the apple, the moment she felt its weight.

She ate. The world within her. The core on the ground.

Was she sated? Did he wake? And the size

of her, the moon of her eyes; who would believe

it was merely time snaking by, the night

passing through her, that made her bite? Iconoclast,


she was hair and teeth and blood at last.

She would have her way with it: her wayward

cataclysm, her dark lust, deadly nightshade

swallowed for new life. And now all around

her the mammalian scent of body and relief;

the tautness of skin fitting bones at her sides-


She left then, as the sun chased the night from the coppice, light sighing

onto the last red fruits swaying fat and heavy in their eaves

rich and ovate, the way droplets wait for the ground.

Painting: stephanie vogel

Painting: stephanie vogel

Photography: lauren harrington

Photography: lauren harrington