Poem: darcy luetzow staddon

Poem: darcy luetzow staddon

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about the writer: darcy luetzow staddon

Darcy Luetzow Staddon lives on a farm in Japan with her husband, two
daughters, goat, and dog.  She and her family run a small recovery
farm for Japanese hikikomori (those who have suffered from extreme
social withdrawal).  Darcy has loved writing poetry since age 8; she
has also loved music and singing for just as long.  Guitar and
songwriting came along a bit later.

about the artist: toby penney

“Growing Lilies”  56” x 56”, mixed media on canvas

“Growing Lilies”

56” x 56”, mixed media on canvas

Toby Penney is a southern artist working in paint, photography, printmaking & multiple sculpture media. She creates work accepting, even glorifying, simple objects & fleeting moments.

Toby is also the founder of Roaming Studio, offering art retreats and professional development seminars for artists. She loves sharing her creative life with her family and home schools her young daughter. With a love of learning , they travel as often as possible and have visited fifteen countries and numerous domestic locations together in the past few years. She is always on the look out for the next adventure.
Toby enjoys developing relationships with other creative people. She exhibits internationally and with several galleries in the U.S.  Her work has been on the cover of Professional Artist Magazine and Hellbent Magazine and has been included in numerous other publications.

She holds a sculpture degree from Middle Tennessee State University.

Website: http://www.tobypenneyartist.com

Instagram: tobypenney

Twitter: tobypenney

Email: tobypenney@comcast.net 

FB: www.facebook.com/tobypenneyartist

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