Poem: katalin pusztaszeri

Poem: katalin pusztaszeri

Psalm 23 (rewritten)

Urge is my Shepherd and only provider
She drags my body through washed out river beds
She throws me into wild steamy water
Shocks my soul, turns up my head

Surely selfishness and willfulness will follow me
All days of my life
And I will be stuck in her compulsive charm forever
Until the end of time

Though I walk through the valley of shadows
I will not be afraid
Your cane and lash are my only drives
And You will be with me always

Urge is my Governor and only motivation
She places burning stones upon my chest
She covers my face with cloth and pours water over my head     
Incites my nerves, leaves me breathless

You prepare dark scenery or blood-bath 
In the presence of my enemies
You are slowly dripping water on my shaved head…and my self-control overflows,
My self-control overflows under your threats
Under your strength

Urge is my Dictator and only compeller
She puts me into the edge cliff, bounds my body to a slab
She orders an Eagle to feed from my liver that gives out a coarse clash
Bites my skin and eats up my flesh 


about the photographer and writer: katalin pusztaszeri


Katalin Pusztaszeri is an art professional and photographer living in Budapest, Hungary. She started taking photographs in 2013, as a part of her recovery from a spinal cord surgery. In the beginning, she used photography as neuro-feedback to alter her attention from pain and anxiety. She realized that by means of creation, she has been able to release all of the suppressed and latent feelings she felt were clogged in her body throughout the years. At this point, creating pictures has become an urgent and utmost need to convey her thoughts and ideas toward the outside world.

Instagram: katalinpusztaszeri



Photography: wendy stein

Photography: wendy stein