Poem: temidayo jacob

Poem: temidayo jacob

An Urge in My Body

Your body is a pillar
holding my top & bottom,
releasing an urge in my body
to push you to the walls
& see how far you can hold.

Now, I seek to behold
the strength in your body.
T-shirts are not meant for you,
they'll get torn by your muscles.

I seek to know
the taste of the wine in your mouth—
they say it is nonalcoholic but,
it can set spirits higher than hills.

You opened my stomach
& poured butterflies in there—
I seek to take them out
with the hard pendulum
burning in between your legs.

I seek to feel
your skin make me shiver
& your thrusts make me whisper.

I seek to know
how far I can thrust you back—
take this bowel of mine,
eat & hit it like your last supper.

I seek to hear
how loud my mild moans are.
I seek to lock
your body into me with my legs.
I seek to see
your groans giving me goosebumps.
I seek to get satisfaction
from your flesh upon my flesh.

For you've unlocked this urge
& only you,
can catch & lock it again.


about the writer: temidayo jacob

Temidayo Jacob (Mayor Jake) writes from North Central part of Nigeria. His works are based on real life experiences and societal happenings. His works have appeared on WRR top poems monthly anthology, Imomotimi anthology and other local and international anthologies. His works have also appeared on Kalahari Review, Peeking Cat Poetry (online and print), Art and Rebellion, Poetry Soup, forthcoming on Sub-Saharan magazine and others.

Photography: lauren harrington

Photography: lauren harrington