Poem: xinyi meng

Poem: xinyi meng

Conversation Breakdown

Your hungry eyes stare at my mind's plate,
a lump of meat left stale in fridge
it hardens.

Your fingers fidget, my face
pale as the appalling silence

An extended scenario, an exhausted note 
carries too bland a tune —
it depresses the ear and upsets the stomach.

Um um, you know you know
I really wish for you to know.

How little time we reserve 
for patience.
How peaceful the face 
of innocence.

Vibrations in the brain cease, eyeing blood
sifting through the marrowbone of life
and death.


about the writer: xinyi meng


Xinyi Meng is currently doing her graduate study in TESOL and World Language at the University of Georgia. As her native language is Mandarin, this is her first time using English as a language of witness to reflect on and reexamine cultural exchange and cultural heritage. Her work is forthcoming in A Velvet Giant.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xinyi.meng.359 

the author’s commentary on her piece

Conversation breakdown is a universal moment for foreign language speakers. The urge to express is an attempt to cross the cultural abyss through language, which is filled with frustration and pain but is a necessary step towards achieving a better understanding. 

Poem: darcy luetzow staddon

Poem: darcy luetzow staddon

Photography: bex saunders

Photography: bex saunders